Are you always on the computer day and night? You’ll need those telephone headsets that’ll make taking and making calls on your computer convenient. No more irritating interruptions to get up and answer the phone or fish your mobile out from a deep handbag. Wear any of those telephone headsets and take the call anytime without having to move your butt.

Easy to Love techie Toys

It used to be that telephone operators used headsets with booms before this wonder hit the market. Now that the floodgate has opened, you are in a pickle figuring out which, from the wide variety of telephone headsets, will work for you.

The best thing ever invented for lazy computer geeks are those corded telephone headsets with a quick disconnect feature. This is suited for your standard corded telephone. You’ll have to get one of those amplifiers compatible to the headset though, so check out the Plantronics Mirage H41N with M12 amplifier. If you’re the energetic type who can’t keep still, you’ll be fine with wireless headsets with amplifiers.

The telephone headsets for computers with VoIP technology will allow you to enjoy live streaming music and play online games. Some headsets won’t require a sound card, so it’s plug-and-play anytime. When it comes to teleconferencing, the noise-canceling microphone is your lead.

Why a Telephone Headset?

Your office workers who are always on their computers will bless your thoughtfulness if you get them those telephone headsets. They can answer calls without cradling the phone between their necks and shoulders that’s a pain in the neck – literally. They can also take notes while taking dictation from the headset faster compared to taking notes from the conventional phone. They can make more business calls when required without leaving the work on the computer interrupted. They can compute quotes without having to leave their desks and back again to the phone to talk to the client.

Health-wise and productivity-wise, telephone headsets are the “in” thing in the office and at home. Just imagine the freedom of making a sandwich without interruption to take a call from your mobile or standard phone, or having to rush a report without having to get up and answer the phone. That’s one more thing to add to your advantage list.

Over the Head or In the Ear?

Depending on your preference, you can choose between over the head or in the ear telephone headsets. You can go monaural, which means your headband will have one ear receiver. For a binaural headset, of course, you can expect two ear receivers. This may or not have a boom and are usually worn over the head.

Whether it’s for home or office use, you’ll be better off with noise canceling microphones to eliminate interfering noises from the background. This will improve the quality of your call, which is obviously the way you’d want it.

Let those telephone headsets work for you

Telephone headsets shouldn’t be working against you or you’ll be wasting your capital outlay. Knowing what is best for you and your workers is the key to a smart investment.


Source by Nahshon DeMore