Copying DVD movies can be a useful tool, but as you might know most DVDs have some type of protection on them that make it impossible for most burning softwares to duplicate. Today we look at what you need to know in order to be able to make copies of all your DVDs.

Unfortunately you aren’t able to simply use a program like Nero or Roxio to copoy you DVD movies. The reason for this is that most of the DVDs that you buy in the stores have some type of copyright guard or protection on them. Since there are these guards on the disc, your computer is not able to read what is on the disc.

Don’t worry though there is a solution! All that’s needed is the right type of software installed on your computer. Once you have the right tools, it’s a snap to make a copy of any DVD you want.

There are now software companies that have developed DVD burning programs that can bypass these copyright protections and allow your computer to make copies of your DVD movies. You computer will be able to read the DVD disc since the burning software is able to get past any copyright guards.

As a side note, most DVD movies are recorded on 8GB DVDs. However, most blank DVDs are only 4.7GB in size. Don’t worry though – the best DVD burning programs will be able to condense the data so that it will fit on the smaller size. Since the 8GB discs are a lot more expensive, it’s nice to have a program that can make movies fit on the smaller sized discs.

There’s a few DVD burning softwares you can choose from, but make sure that you pick one that offers you updates. The reason for this is that every now and then new copyright guards are invented and the software must be updated so that your computer can bypass these new guards. The top-ranked DVD copying softwares will have this feature.

I also like to see a moneyback guarantee offered. This way if there’s any problem with the program I can get my money refunded. The companies that are confident in their software won’t have a problem offering this.

Having a DVD burning program is a great way to backup all your DVD movies. Once it’s installed, you can copy any movie you want with just a couple clicks of your mouse. Enjoy the show!


Source by Sam Lockwood