Micro-computers, office or mobile computing device, a chip size of its Central Processing Unit or CPU used (see computer). Micro-computers are also called the personal computers (PCs), PCs, small businesses, and microphones. Small laptops are called compact. At their first appearance, a single-user device was noted, and could only handle four, and eight or even 16 bits of information at once. Recently named the distinction between micro-computers and mainframes (as well as smaller systems minicomputer, mainframe-type blurred), like other models of micro-computers have the speed and increased data-handling capability of the processors in the 32 – bit, Multi.

Microcomputers are designed to be used in houses, schools and offices environments. In the house, they can both as tools for managing the budget (to balance the family checkbook used, the structure of the budget of the family income index) and as an entertainment device (computer games, catalogue records and books). Students can use the computer for homework, and also in fact, many public schools are now employing devices programmed learning and computer literacy subjects. Small companies can buy computers for word processing, accounting, the storage and handling of mailing lists. Micro computers were made possible by two technical inventions in the field of microelectronics. They are the integrated circuit, which was invented in 1959, and the microprocessor, which first had appeared 1971st The IC enables miniaturization of computer memory and microprocessor circuit reduces the size of the CPU of a computer the size of a silicon chip. Since a processor calculates, performs logical operations, contains instructions for operating and controlling the flow of data, there was the possibility of developing a system that can function as a complete micro-computer.

The first desktop system that seemed designed for personal use, size 1974, which was offered by Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems. The owners of the system were the editors of a popular magazine and the sale was prompted by technology, creating mail orders computer games by the magazine. The application of microcomputer kit was an immediate, unexpected and totally overwhelms. Dozens of small entrepreneurs meet this demand by producing equipment for the new market. It was also very popular because it can be programmed and the user can store information about cartridges. Shortly after Tandy introduced new model was two engineers, programmers, Stephen Wozniak and Steven Jobs, a computer company called Apple Computers manufacture has started. Some of the innovations in their own micro-computers were introduced in expanded memory, low cost lead programs and store data and graphics in color. Apple Computer has become the fastest-growing U.S. corporate history. Its rapid growth has inspired a large number of manufacturers of micro-computers would like to enter the field. Before the end of the decade, the personal computer market has to be clearly defined.

In 1981, IBM had introduced its new model of micro-computer, the IBM PC. Although he is not the latest computer technology was used, the PC was a milestone in this growing field. He showed that industry was Microcomputer just a trend now, and that the computer was in fact an indispensable tool for business. PC with a 16-bit micro processor led the developments of faster and more powerful microscopes and their use in an operating system that was for all other computer manufacturer, has in a de facto industry standard in a row.


Source by Ernesto Pramasetya