Michelle Carter

Business Web Developer
Her friendly manner and focused approach are two of the many qualities that make her ideal for the role. She is meticulous – and by her own admission, is a bit of a perfectionist and enjoys the challenges of managing projects for a varied range of business sectors.

Lynda Peterson

Graphic Designer
Always willing to push the boundaries, Lynda’s enjoyment of graphic design ensures her work is completed with a fine attention to detail. Her quick-thinking and methodical approach to tasks ensures she can adapt her style of design to suit any client’s needs and goals.

Henry Fukui

System Engineer
By bringing his vast and ever-evolving experience and expertise to this vital role, he provides an indispensable service to our clients by being the first line of defence for all support, update and maintenance tasks.

Donna Bella

SEO Master
When you work with us, Donna may be the person who manages your project SEO. Her problem-solving skills, professional attitude and ability to communicate effectively, will ensure that your project runs smoothly and that you are kept up-to-date.