How Will You Leverage Your Brand's Power?

Branding Begins With A Timeless Logo

Instantly recognizable, yet simple

No matter if you’re just starting out or if you already have a recognized brand and just want to freshen up your look, we will design a custom logo for your company that can effortlessly communicate your core values and activities to your customers. Iconic brands have always worked hard to reinforce their message along every possible avenue of delivery ~ and a significant piece of this is owning an easily reproducible and stunningly simple, yet potent and recognizable, logo.

Influence Your Image With Design

Focused design gives you a competitive advantage
A logo is typically a customer’s first exposure to your brand. Without thoughtful design, your business may not be recognized as a quality service provider, or worse ~ you’ll be forgotten! With a powerful logo acting in concert with strong and direct messaging, prospective customers are much more likely to recognize your offerings as valuable. Let us help you find the logo that can tie it all together and refine your identity. Building an effective brand starts with the basics, and we can offer you a solid foundation at a reasonable price. All of our logos are satisfaction guaranteed, and once you start printing your new logo on business cards and letterheads, t-shirts and mugs, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Get a logo design that represents your business

We create brilliant designs through implementing creative strategies and innovative design software to craft a brand identity that embodies the essence of your business. Whether you are developing a new company, repositioning an established business or looking to redefine your brand identity, we work to ensure that your new logo effectually reflects your company’s identity and story.

Best-in-class logo designers

Our team members have extensive professional experience that has instilled a deep understanding of your needs throughout the creative process. We are committed to providing exceptional service that you will remember.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our team of expert designers work with your provided vision to produce designs that give life to your ideas. We work with you until we’ve crafted the design you love, because want you to love our product as much as we do.

We build authentic brands that transport cities, communities and destinations toward their full potential.

We believe that great design can profoundly influence a place and impact positive global change.

We reveal stories, culture, origins and the physical characteristics of a place by engaging and observing.


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    Developers who don’t talk down to you and stay within your budget? Yep, that’s these guys. My husband and I use them frequently for small and large jobs, and they’re terrific with both. I know they have lots of other clients, but when I call, I honestly feel like I’m their one and only. No telephone black holes or unresponded-to emails here!

    Jia Li Tao

    Jia Li Tao
    TECH TROOP fixed our online ordering system. For some reason our customers started getting error messages, and the web company who set up our shopping cart was not able to fix it. We even tried another company and then called TECH TROOP. They got it fixed within a day. This fix eliminates the myriad phone calls we probably would have had to field if not fixed.

    Mary Otey

    Mary Otey