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It’s about signalling a great user-experience – and nothing does this better than a balanced approach to traffic acquisition. Treating your user’s intent seriously, and delivering on the promises that bring traffic to your site are the best strategies for long-term SEO results!

Do You Have A Plan To Get To The First Page Of Google?

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The internet is changing every day, and its our business to stay one step ahead of the competition. Although the web has become much more mobile-friendly, more social, and more diverse, one thing remains the same: successful internet marketing requires the key comportment of SEO and SEM.

The majority of people look to their search engine to find solutions to problems they face. And even though valuable results may be past the first page, they usually aren’t noticed. With a partner like TECH TROOP, your page can enjoy page one status after a reasonable amount of time. Being in the first 15 results will have a huge impact on your bottom-line organic traffic.

Using Our SEO And SEM Services

Are Your Customers Finding You?

Your new site will keep them calling, day and night.

Because all of our designs are built with search optimization(SEO) in mind, your new site will be more visible and attract more viewers right from launch.

Couple that with the fact that no one delivers more conversions than we do, and you’ll have your hands full in no time at all. When the phone starts to falls off the rocker, it’s time to hire another office hand. Congratulations, you have a website that performs like your competition wishes theirs did.

What the SEO “Experts” Don’t Know They Don’t Know

Balanced Acquisition Portfolio
A diversified web-traffic acquisition portfolio means your business is more likely sustainable in the face of the unknown, like unforeseen Engine algorithm updates or the permanent closure of referral sites. Google, and other Engines, reward businesses who embrace this risk-reduction, sustainable-growth approach. It’s 10-times more important than link building.
Organic 36%
Direct 14%
Paid 25%
Email 10%
Social Media 15%

How You Treat Your Visitors Matters

Search Engines’ primary purpose is to help their users seamlessly find what they are looking for. Measures of On-Site Engagement (such as bounce rate, session length, pages-per-session, time-on-page, conversion rate, etc) are key signals that Search Engines use to assess the quality of the experience a visitor has on your site. Continuous User Experience Optimization is critical to maintaining ranking, and to outranking competitors.
  • Visitor
  • Bounce Rate
  • Page Per Session

First Page Exposure in Three Months

We helped Printwell climb from having almost no exposure to reaching first page exposure in a mere months.

Quality Organic Search Engine Traffic

See how we helped world class plastic surgeons reach their clients more effectively around the world.

Always Consistent First Page Results

Our detailed and varied approach to SEO has helped Gervais Towing stay at the top for the long haul.

Think SEO Program Packages

Here is a list of just some of the services that our SEO company offers:

$599 per mo$999 per   mo$1,499 per mo$1,999 per mo
Landing Pages created over the first 3 months1234
Market & Keyword Researchincludedincludedincludedincluded
Keyword RankingsUp to 75 Keywords TrackedUp to 75 Keywords TrackedUp to 75 Keywords TrackedUp to 75 Keywords Tracked
Optimization Hours per Month4 hours6 hours8 hours12 hours
Standard HTML Elementsincludedincludedincludedincluded
Webmaster Tools Setupincludedincludedincludedincluded
URL Best Practicesincludedincludedincludedincluded
Platform Specific Optimization Consultations *includedincludedincludedincluded
Robots Exclusion Standardincludedincludedincludedincluded
Site Architecture & Paginationincludedincludedincludedincluded
Site Map Generation & Submissionincludedincludedincludedincluded
Rich Snippets & Structured Dataincludedincludedincludedincluded
Landing Page Build & Optimizationincludedincludedincludedincluded
Basic Monthly Organic Search Marketing Reportingincludedincludedincludedincluded
1 Digital Marketing Reviewincludedincludedincludedincluded
Success Track Project Document✝includedincludedincludedincluded
ThinkPro Monthly SEO Reporting to Think Pro, including:

  1. Competitors
  2. National and Local Keyword Rankings
  3. Landing Page Monitoring
Account Setup Fee$500
Cancel Anytime with 30 Days Written Notice✝✝includedincludedincludedincluded
Advanced Services
Addtional Keyword TrackingAvailable
Additional Landing Pages$299 ea
Targeting Multiple LanguagesAvailable
Mobile Web Development (Responsive Design)Available
Video Creation & SEO OptimizationAvailable
Digital Marketing Strategy, Audit & ConsultingAvailable
Think Fresh Start Web Design PackagesAvailable
Monthly PPC ProgramAvailable
Monthly Reputation and Social Media Management ProgramAvailable
Email Marketing Monthly ProgramAvailable
Training and Support Services ProgramAvailable
Web Hosting, Domain Name & Email SolutionsAvailable


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    Developers who don’t talk down to you and stay within your budget? Yep, that’s these guys. My husband and I use them frequently for small and large jobs, and they’re terrific with both. I know they have lots of other clients, but when I call, I honestly feel like I’m their one and only. No telephone black holes or unresponded-to emails here!

    Jia Li Tao

    Jia Li Tao
    TECH TROOP fixed our online ordering system. For some reason our customers started getting error messages, and the web company who set up our shopping cart was not able to fix it. We even tried another company and then called TECH TROOP. They got it fixed within a day. This fix eliminates the myriad phone calls we probably would have had to field if not fixed.

    Mary Otey

    Mary Otey